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USA DUNK Celebrating their 2022 World Cup Victory

Two Sessions of Champ Boot Camp

Two 30 minute sessions led by Jerry L. Burrell for 2 athlete teammates. Champ Boot Camp is designed to inspire participants to develop a Champion's Mindset.

Value $250



Champ Boot Camp?


Many athletes believe becoming a champion starts in the weight room.


In actuality, it begins in the trait room.


Champions develop championship traits or ways they view and interact with themselves and the world. This mindset impacts their motivations and their behavior.


Becoming a champion starts with the head and the heart and Champ Boot Camp challenges participants to think and act like champions.

What is a champion?

A champion is not just someone whose team wins championships, it's also anyone who consistently excels in their area of expertise beyond that of others in the same discipline.


The questions one must ask and answer are:


"Why me and why this sport/activity"


"Do I believe I have what it takes to be a champion?" and if the answer is no, 

"Do I believe I can train to gain what it takes to be a champion?"


Champ Boot Camp is a look inside the head and heart of champions everywhere. It is an invitation to the trait room where you curl the delusions of doubt into biceps of belief, where you bench press the anchors of apathy into pecs of passion and where you pull-up the roots of irresponsibility into lats of leadership.


Champions understand that there is no one exactly like them and that they are uniquely qualified to carry out their purpose. Champions are aware that if they don't do their part, it won't get done because no one has exactly what they have and as a result no one else can do what they are here to do.

That's Power!


The power of a Champion lives in the head and the heart!

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