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Your Choice of Fancy or Fun!

Hey Coach Nagle,

Obviously, I wasn't able to catch you before winter break began. I did enjoy catching a couple games this season as y'all were on your quest to maintain a 1 - 0 record each week!


Accept my invitation for you to enjoy a fancy or fun night/day out with Shayna.

I appreciate what you are building at Clovis East and the impact you are making. You had other options, yet you allowed me to play a small part in your efforts to Finish The Hunt and I just want to celebrate y'all!

Let me know which one of these experiences you prefer and I will coordinate getting a gift card into your hands before the New Year! If there is another spot instead of these that you've had intentions of visiting, let me know, and I will coordinate a gift card for that.

Merry Christmas!


To view menu, hours,

and other info,

click the picture. 

Once you decide,

text me your preference.


Hope you enjoyed The Story


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