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Merry Christmas &

Happy Holidays!

Hope you enjoy this short story about one Coach's love

man with woman on couch speaking


“So much potential that might not ever be realized.”


That’s what the Coach was thinking as she finished reading the text from another one of her players who was having trouble with a couple classes and as a result would likely not meet the gpa requirement and not be eligible.


The Coach had seen this situation before and wondered how it was that young people seemed oblivious to the opportunities they were missing out on by falling short academically or otherwise.


As she was thinking about the college scholarships that could have been and how some talented young people opted for less, her husband came in and asked what had her so deep in thought. She told him and they began to discuss why young people might not understand the power they have to create an amazing life for themselves.


All the usual things came up. Few to no traditionally successful role models in the home/family, If they’d just apply themselves, distractions of technology, the pull of the streets/fast money, parental neglect, the pandemic shutdowns stunting their development, never learning to work hard or delay gratification, they’re millennials, Gen X,Y & Z’ers, etc.


These kinds of conversations always reminded the Coach of how lucky she was to have met and partnered with such an amazing guy. He challenged her, he encouraged her, he believed in her, he loved her and he inspired her in spite of, or maybe because of, knowing her better than anyone else.


He then asked the Coach, "How did we get where we are today?" 

The Coach asked "Wudayu mean?"

He said, "You remember when we were just starting out and were thinking of getting married.


We were just out of college, we had student loan debt and no money but we both agreed that we were on our way to greatness.  You suggested marriage would be an amazing adventure where we would discover the power love has to transform doubt into focus, despair into hope and fear into faith. I believed it then and still believe. That story has shaped our lives along with the other stories we tell ourselves.


He went on to say, "You know how we always talk about focusing on what we can control and not getting stressed out over that which we can't. Well, young lady, you can't control all those obstacles your students face but you can control how you love. Sometimes just knowing someone wants the best for you and believes in you is all it takes, so just keep on loving those kids and let love do what it does. You've helped so many of them start telling themselves more hopeful stories and you'll help many more.


The Coach said, "You're exactly right! Besides, look what love's done for us! We still have a ways to go, but we have definitely covered a lot of ground  - even if you’re terrible at remembering our anniversary."


"November 40th, right?" mumbled her husband and they both laughed.


As they began to hug, the Coach paused and looked around and said, "You hear that?" Her husband said, "No, what was it?”

"It sounded like someone called your name.” They both became still and listened intently. “There it is again" she said. The Coach's husband looked confused and said, "I didn't hear anything!" 


The Coach squeezed him tighter and said, “You better head up to the attic,  I’m pretty sure that was the Christmas decorations reminding you that they're not gonna carry themselves down.”


Create a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Coach!

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