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Thank You & Enjoy!

Hey Vanessa,

For me and many others, the end of one year and the start of another is a time of reflection and looking forward. As I reflect on 2023, I am grateful for you putting your trust in me and as I look forward to 2024 it is with the hopes of continuing to be a member of the team you assemble to help you fund amazing experiences for your programs.

I've now enjoyed two Folklorico events that you've hosted and they were both so impressive. From the flow of the show to the stage presence of the dancers and the quality of their performances, there was so much to enjoy!  


I just want to celebrate your mission and your allowing me to play a tiny part in y'all's journey so please accept this invitation to enjoy a night out or a day out with your significant other at

5 Restaurant.


Jerry (Coach JB)

To view menu, hours,

and other info,

click the picture. 

I will hand deliver your gift card.

We have an employer match feature where donors can have their donation matched by their employer. Your Dance Rep program received some employer match donations and I have a check for that also.

Coach JB: 559-977-9023

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