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What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

We all have a story that we tell ourselves. Champions and champions in the making tell themselves a story of development and consistency. Their story is steeped in ideas of putting in the work, giving their best, being honest with themselves and others and recognizing there will always be room for them to grow and get better. Their story includes how they feel when they perform at a high level and people express their appreciation for the work they put in. Their story is full of the feelings of past successes: those glorious feelings that come when everything works out the way they trained it to. That feeling that comes when every teammate does his/her job and the play worked or the point was scored or the game was won.

The Story I Tell Myself

I love to flip. I was put on this planet to flip. I love it when audiences "ooh and ahh". I love creating moments of awe for people. I love creating moments that pleasantly surprise people. I love crafting routines that take people on an adventure with me. I love showing people things they have never seen before and giving them a chance to appreciate what’s possible. I love inspiring people to imagine their personal power if they would only unleash it. I love putting in the work to create acrobatic poetry that is delivered with passion and zeal and near perfection and makes people feel like there is hope for humanity. Hope in the sense that if one person can do that, then that possibility exists in us all.  I love giving people a taste of excellence and a sense of marvel and wonder and astonishment. I love delivering unhindered displays of pure immersion and heart and one-ness. I understand that doing the flip gets applause, being the flip inspires and creates standing ovations! I love being the flip!

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