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You are following a script by which you live your life.

If you didn't write the script, other people did and you are living the life of their dreams.

If you did write the script

by which you live your life,


Continue creating the life of your dreams!



Billions have come, billions have gone

Throughout their lives they've learned, 

lost and won

Billions more will come and go

What deep truths will their lives show


For their time, for their place, 

for the air that they breathed

For their loves, for their hates, 

for their good and bad deeds


And now here U rise

one of the billions still here

looking for answers

to who, what, when where


If it’s fame that U want

she’s elusive and demanding

Will U let her own U

or will U stand up and keep standing


If it’s wealth that U seek

there are sacrifices to gain her

Will U become a slave to her will

or supervise and maintain her


If your best life is what you’re after

take or leave the wealth and fame

Will U decide what gives your life meaning

or watch others live and live the same


Lives don’t unfold by accident

we create them to some degree

by asking questions of ourselves

our answers guide us, U will see

Yes, there’s randomness and luck

and some rely on destiny

but what U focus on has power

to shape the person U will be


So, what U need to do now

before going all in

before investing your soul

in a race U won’t win,

is write the script for your life

U will be the lead actor,

the producer, the director

the editor, the caster


This will be your story

decide now how you'll live it

what matters, what doesn't 

How much effort you'll give it


Will U follow the crowd

give up your life to live theirs

or will U discover your purpose 

even if no one else dares


Copyright 2021 by Jerry L. Burrell

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce any  

portions thereof in any form whatsoever.

Jerry L. Burrell is an American acrobat, 

edutainer, and the founder and 

director of ACRODUNK


The United States FreesTYle Dunk Federation

Create A Better YOUSA


The Sport Of Thinking

Jerry helps sports teams and coaches fundraise

in Fresno, CA and the surrounding area through

Vertical Raise Fundraising

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