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You are following a script by which you live your life.

If you didn't write the script, other people did and you are living the life of their dreams.

If you did write the script

by which you live your life,


Continue creating the life of your dreams!



Will U put faith in a higher power

or trust in the wisdom of men

Will U just use knowledge and logic

or include the spirit within


Will U force your beliefs on others

as if U know what’s good for them

or will U respect their right to follow

who or what they put trust in


Will U always do your best

even if THE BEST is out of reach

Will U be a hypocrite

or will U practice what U preach

Your actions speak much louder

than your words ever will

Will U shout out your intentions

or do the work that makes them real

Will U add to or subtract from

the world's awesome beauty

Will U enhance earth or destroy it

Choose now, it's your duty


Will U be a hero or a villain

making life better or worse

for the people all around U

will U be a blessing or a curse


Will U consider others

or just U all the time

will U walk in their shoes

feel their pain, help them climb


Will U ignore those who suffer

or be part of their hope

Will U seek help for your pain

or just mask it and cope

Will U be honest & truthful

no matter the cost

trusting that it's enough

to keep from getting lost

or will U lie & deceive

to gain what U crave

be a cheater that prowls

streets of misery U pave

Will U keep your promises
and do what U say
choose to maintain trust
like there's no other way

or will U bail on the people
you’ve made commitments to
leave them wondering if
they should ever trust U


Will your friends think you're loyal
will U have their back
will U help shine their light
if their enemies attack
or will U use who U can
to get one step ahead
betray friends and trick foes
till your relationships are dead


When U commit to yourself

will U follow through

building self confidence

because U believe U

or will U break your own trust

thinking it’s not a big deal

then lose confidence in U

and find it difficult to heal

Will U stand up for yourself

or be used and abused

demand respect and fair treatment

or bow down when refused


Will U forgive when done wrong

and offer mercy and grace

or hold a grudge, seek revenge

carry that weight every place

and that includes U

Will U forgive yourself

Will U shed shame and regret

or store it on your heart’s shelf


When you’re being held back

 by roadblocks all around 

Will U simply give up

or give thanks then rebound


When knocked down as U fly

will U rise like a Phoenix

flap your wings with new tempo

top the charts with your remix

or will U stay close to the ground

where no turbulence lives

with no challenge, no resistance

that not growing gives


Will U live in fear or above it

hate uncertainty or love it

when rich will U share it

when without will U covet


Will U walk paths never taken

with all the unknowns 

or choose familiar and comfort

smoothing out the road's stones


If society values U less

as U become what they call “old”

Will U still pursue purpose

or begin doing what you’re told


These are all likely choices

U will face in your story

As you’ve learned by now

life's not all gain and glory

but U have what U need

to amass all the muscle

to fight future fears

with strength, focus and hustle




Copyright 2021 by Jerry L. Burrell

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce any  

portions thereof in any form whatsoever.

Jerry L. Burrell is an American acrobat, 

edutainer, and the founder and 

director of ACRODUNK


The United States FreesTYle Dunk Federation

Create A Better YOUSA


The Sport Of Thinking

Jerry helps sports teams and coaches fundraise

in Fresno, CA and the surrounding area through

Vertical Raise Fundraising

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